Our vision began as bright lights, bold colors, electricity in the air and incredible talent, all converging to create an all-star event like none that Colorado has ever seen, and the Colorado Youth Football Invitational was born. As the details came together and the structure was built, our purpose became clear: opportunity. The opportunity for future world-class coaches and athletes to come together each year to see and be seen for one unforgettable weekend.


This elite event showcases the immense talent and skill of Colorado’s finest young football players. With five distinct age groups competing, including 4th through 8th grades, the stage is set to determine the most extraordinary athletes in each grade category and crown them as the elite football champions of Colorado. The victors will earn the highly coveted championship ring, a testament to their dedication and skill on the field.


Colorado Youth Football Invitational believes that coaching is of utmost importance to the success of an athlete! Each youth team competing at CYFI will be coached by various high school coaching teams from around our beautiful state, providing them the opportunity to make contact and be coached at a high school level before they reach high school age.


The Colorado Youth Football Invitational was born from a vision of vibrant energy, glaring talent, and electrifying moments. Our aim was to create an all-star event unlike anything seen before in Colorado. As the pieces fell into place, our purpose solidified: Opportunities. Opportunities for aspiring coaches and athletes to unite, to showcase their skills, and to be recognized over an unforgettable weekend.